And how to apply them

There are numerous concepts that a programmer learns in their career, but very few and far between will create a pivotal moment, where everything you look at afterwards is seen in a different light. I’ve found one of those moments years ago, and it’s too good not to share. Perhaps…

And how I’m coming back stronger

Person with their hands over their face — stressed out

I’ve recently read about how some people may view their burnout as a “badge of honour,” where it seemed the author would disagree. As for my own burnout, I am in with the latter school of thought; I was definitely ashamed of myself for my burnout in 2020.

I hope…

Smarts will get only so far, but you need more to get further

Image of laptop with a stickers

A few years back, I received high praise from our CTO: he went out of his way to call me a “top-notch” developer after he left the company. And this wasn’t some young hipster, high-five-everybody executive; this guy was, to many, tough as nails. Since then, I’ve received the same…

Using code coverage tools will help reveal where it’s needed

The original wording of my views on Code Coverage may have been misleading in past articles. Let’s take the opportunity to discuss the key values of using these tools, so you can find and validate what is important to you.

Complete doesn’t have to mean 100%

In the past, we’ve discussed real-time code coverage tools, like…

Are you working harder than you have to?

When you’re out there on your bike, you may be wasting energy and not getting the most out of your effort. …

And this type of finesse can’t simply be stumbled upon

About 10 years ago, one of my colleagues once said that Javascript was going to overtake the software development industry. Servers, apps, 3D games, it’ll all be written in Javascript. I scoffed at the idea back then, blinded by the pride I was taught early in my career that Web…

Open doors by becoming the key-maker

Open up a door for the underdogs

Software development in the 2000s was a different time than it is now, but some of the same challenges are still relevant. Open-source wasn’t as well embraced by the “professional” software development industry, and gaining the experience required to get yourself employed was tough without connections. …

What you should know to keep your bike safe

If you’re in a metropolitan city, you might be surprised by how many bicycles go missing each year. This also applies to Canadian cities; though we may have the reputation for being nice and polite, we have our problems that would suggest otherwise.

Have you ever watched hidden camera videos…

Retain your codebase quality through proactive participation

Whether you call it a pull request, merge request or code review, there are effective practices that everyone could and should do, to not only make it go more smoothly but also help preserve the quality of your codebase.

Adopting habits for writing clean code is important, but without also…

Developers with 10 times the productivity

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of answers to online questions about the fabled 10x developer. Some people want to be them, others want to stay far away from them. Does the myth, the legend, live up to its name, or is it just a relative perception?

Before we get into…

Jeffrey Bakker

Professional geek. Wannabe cyclist.

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